Jaza Mahmood

Short Bio

Recently, I have awarded a Ph.D. on Optimization algorithms- swarm based Artificial Intelligent algorithms. As I have received the B.Sc. degree in the field of computer science from the University of Sulaimani, Iraq, in 2008, and the master’s degree (Hons.) in the field of software systems and internet technology from the University of Sheffield, U.K., in 2012.

Latest Achievements

PhD. Degree awarded 2020

Excellent Paper Award of 2019

I have been award “Excellent Paper Award of 2019” in recognition of my research work (top 10 in KRG/Iraq). #award #research #award2019 #scientist

Academic Philosophy

  1. I personally believe that teaching is a great opportunity to educate and server student in the highest level.

  2. Any sort of discrimination shall be voided.

  3. Student is a center in the education system, we all must focus on student-centered learning

  4. Instructors are instruments of learnings, students are objectives of education.

  5. Instructors have a power that can influence people around him/her and drive the society towards stability and peaceful.