Hiwa Sidiq

Short Bio

Dr. Hiwa Sidiq completed his postgraduate studies (PhD and MSc) at Clean Gas Technology Australia (CGTA)- Curtin University in 2010 and 2008, respectively. This center has been one of the great success stories in the Australian Oil and Gas industry which delivered several patents and original works in gas hydrate, CO2 capture, dehydration with subsea application, etc. under the supervision of Prof. Robert Amin.

Hiwa has also practical and analytical experiences through working on different fields worldwide that covering conventional to unconventional resources. He has good experience with reservoir and process simulation software packages. His expertise covers from appraisal to field development, reserves estimation, coal bed methane, CO2 sequestration and EOR/EGR.

Academic Philosophy

  1. My aim in teaching is to cultivate a broadly informed and highly disciplined intellect to be fit in wide range career prospects.
  2. I enthusiastically push my students to explore, exercise curiosity, and discover new interests and abilities. .
  3. In classes students are trained to working together to become better writers, thinkers, and Engineers.
  4. Helping students to discover their talents and applied in their career life.