Dlzar Ghafoor

Short Bio

I am Dlzar D. Ghafoor, an accomplished researcher and academician with expertise in Protein Crystallography and Enzymology. I hold a Ph.D. degree in Protein Crystallography and an M.Sc. degree in Enzymology, both of which were obtained from the prestigious University of Sulaimani, College of Science, Chemistry Department.

 Currently, I am employed as a full-time faculty member at Komar University of Science and Technology, where I actively contribute to the growth and development of the institution's academic programs. Since 2017, I have had the honor of serving as the Chairperson of the MLS (Medical Laboratory Sciences) department, overseeing its operations and leading a team of dedicated faculty members.

 Throughout my academic journey, I have been involved in extensive research, focusing on the elucidation of protein structures using crystallography techniques and exploring the mechanisms of enzymatic reactions. My work has been published in reputable scientific journals, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

In addition to my research and teaching responsibilities, I am passionate about mentoring and guiding aspiring scientists. 

With a strong commitment to excellence in education and research, I strive to inspire and nurture the next generation of scientific minds. I am dedicated to fostering an environment of intellectual growth, innovation, and collaboration within the MLS department, and I am driven to make a positive impact on the scientific community and society as a whole.

Academic Philosophy