Dorababu Neerugatti

Dr. N. Dora babu

My name is Dr. N. Dora Babu, M. Pharm., Ph.D , Department of Pharmaconosy , I'm Ph.D holder in Pharmacognosy & Phyto chemistry from Andhra University-Visakhapatnam, India. since 2009. Working at Komar University of Science and Technology as full-time faculty.

Academic Philosophy

  1. I personally believe that teaching is a great opportunity to educate and serve student in the highest research knowledge.
  2. Any sort of discrimination shall be voided.
  3. Student is a center in the education system, we all must focus on student-New research methods.
  4. Instructors are instruments of learnings, students are objectives of education.
  5. Instructors have a power that can influence people around him/her and drive the society towards stability and peace.