Bayad Jamal Ali

Short Bio

Dr. Bayad Jamal Ali is the CEO and Deputy Chairman of Bayad Group Corporation

Head Quartered in Slemani, Kurdistan, Iraq. He is running Samsung Electronics

business in Iraq for consumer electronics products; and he successfully achieved

number one market share in most of the products in the Iraqi market. Adding to that,

Bayad received the award of Samsung Best Sales Achievement in the Middle East for

the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 as well as Best Outstanding Performance

in 2015. The company excelled in many business fields from strategic expansion,

digital marketing, customer service, brand building, and business development.

Academic Philosophy

Bayad was the first student admitted in American University of Iraq- Sulaimani, and

he was active in student life, he was the President of the Student Association of the

Biography of Bayad Jamal Ali

American University of Iraq- Sulaimani; he was also active in organizing the social

life of students, and creating student bodies. Beside, Bayad started publishing the first

university newspaper “Panorama”.

Bayad Jamal Ali holds:

- Doctorate in Business Administration from Paris School of Business.

- Master in Business Administration from the American University of Iraq –


- Bachelor of Science of Business Administration from the American University

of Iraq – Sulaimani.

- Diploma of Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy from Harvard Business


- Diploma of Negotiation and Highly Influential Skills from London Business


- Samsung Management Certificate from Samsung Middle East and North

Africa Head Quarters.

- Leadership and Debate Development Skills Certificate from World Debate