Bamo Nadir

Bamo Nadir

Faculty member at Computer Engineering Director of Student Affairs and Registration 
MSc Software Engineering (Leeds Beckett University - UK)BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Bradford University - UK)

 An enthusiastic educator specializing in Software Engineering.

 Alongside my passion for teaching, I actively contribute to the practical application of knowledge within the field.  Currently,  I am involved in developing and maintaining a range of web and mobile applications specifically designed to streamline complex processes at our university. By merging my expertise in application development with my teaching endeavors,  I offer students a unique perspective that bridges theory and real-world implementation.  Through this integration, I aim to instill a comprehensive understanding of Computer Engineering concepts while equipping students with practical skills essential for success in the field.  Together, we will explore the fascinating intersection of academia and application development, fostering an environment of innovation and growth.

Academic Philosophy:

The strength of knowledge lies in its sharing. By embracing a communal approach, we acknowledge that the power of knowledge goes beyond simply acquiring it. Through open dialogue, collaboration, and inclusive learning environments, we unlock the transformative potential of shared knowledge. By embracing diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches, we broaden our understanding and generate innovative ideas. Together, we foster a brighter and more enlightened future by embracing the power of sharing knowledge.