Aram Kader Mahmood (Aram Kokoy)

Short Bio

Aram Kader Mahmood (Aram Kokoy) holds MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Applied Economics, Political Science, Sociology) from Oregon State University, post-baccalaureate in Managerial Economics from Oregon State University, and B.Sc. in Economics from University in Sulaimani.

Aram has two years of teaching experience, prior moving into teaching, he worked for several NGOs and Erbil Chamber of Commerce as a research consultant. He also held many managerial positions in several UNDP, GIZ, and Handicap International funded livelihood projects in the region.

In 2016, Aram worked at Middle East Research Institute as Junior Research Fellow, his research interest includes; Development Economics, Political Economy, Labor Market, and Refugee.

Academic Philosophy

  1. I personally believe that teaching is a great opportunity to educate and serve student in the highest level.
  2. Any sort of discrimination shall be voided.
  3. Student is a center in the education system, we all must focus on student-centered learning
  4. Instructors are instruments of learnings, students are objectives of education.
  5. Instructors have a power that can influence people around him/her and drive the society towards stability and peace.