Dr. Ako Rashed Hama

Associated Professor

Short Bio

Academic Philosophy

  1. I personally believe that teaching is a great opportunity to educate and serve student in the highest level.

  2. Any sort of discrimination shall be voided.

  3. Student is a center in the education system, we all must focus on student-centered learning

  4. Instructors are instruments of learnings, students are objectives of education.

  5. Instructors have a power that can influence people around him/her and drive the society towards stability and peace.

My name is Associated Professor Dr. Ako Rashed Hama and bellow is my short bio

I was born in Sulaimania , 1972 . I am holding BSc. in civil engineering from civil engineering department university of Baghdad ,1995 . Also PhD. and M.Sc degree in Environmental & Sanitary Engineering from Environmental Engineering branch , School of Building and Construction , University of Technology . I have been in academic trend since 2000. I occupied several academic positions . Also , I occupied head of teaching quality assurance and continuous academic learning in collage of engineering in Sulaimania , Iraq .

Also , I have been awarded many thanks and appreciation letters from different academic and governor sections .

Besides of my academic positions and jobs , I have been in charged to teach different core and general engineering curses as in the teaching tab

I have published more than 11 scientific papers .

I am proudly an international outstanding Elsevier Journals reviewer.

Also , I worked tenths of projects with my students.

Now and since September 2016 , I have been in-charge the position of Chairman of Civil Engineering Department in Komar University for Technology and Science .

Thank you for your patient and reading my short bio.

Ako Rashed Hama

February 2020