Our Programs

Kokoro Warrior Strength and conditioning Camps

Our strength camp focuses on enhancing the overall capability of our athletes to increase overall workload capacity. We utilize multiple dynamic movements, skills and drills as a catalyst to stimulate muscle development where it matters! As a result our athletes are executing at a higher level of performance.


Focus, flexibility, and peace are just a few takeaways our clients experience from participating in this timeless exercise system.

Kardio Kickboxing

This 40 Mins Kickboxing experience will leave your mind blown and your body spent! Our clients burn as much as 700 calories each time they strap up the gloves!

Personalized Training sessions

After a 30 min fitness assessment, sit down with one of our Performance coaches and tailor a training experience that best fits your goals and budget! We guarantee our clients will surpass their highest expectations! Be the champion you see inside!

Meal-plan Prep Services

Sports Nutrition and Supplementation is the cornerstone of any fitness program. 80% of the physical results will be directly correlated to the fuel the athlete consumes. Cut-out the hustle of prepping and cooking every meal! Utilize our team Chef to design a meal prep plan that meets your nutritional needs. No Matter the budget there's a plan for you!

Specialized sports performance Training

Our team of Performance coaches have over 35 years of combined athletic training experience. We offer both small group, and individual training packages for athletes focused on enhancing their competitive capabilities. Areas of Focus include:

· Basketball

· Football

· Baseball

· Boxing

We honor our Law Enforcement and Military!

***Law Enforcement, Active Duty, and Retired Military Discounts Available****