USP <800>


Essential Pharmacy Compounding would like to welcome you to the USP <800> educational site for veterinarians and staff. We hope you find the resources on this site to be valuable and helpful for you and your practice. Thank you!

USP <800> Fast Facts

Q. What is USP <800>?

A. USP <800> is an official set of guidelines which addresses the safe handling and use of hazardous drugs

Q. How does this affect me?

A. USP <800> comes into effect starting on December 1st, 2019. From then on, all health care practitioners who deal with hazardous drugs are required to follow what has been outlined in the guidelines

Q. What are some of the highlights of USP <800> that I need to know?

A. Key points of USP <800> can be broken up into 6 main points

      1. Compounding coordinator
      2. Facility mandates including:
        • Receiving
        • Storage
        • Compounding
        • Supplemental engineering controls
      3. Quality control measures
      4. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
      5. Spill prevention and protocol
      6. Medical surveillance program

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Why is USP <800> so important for health care workers? Sue Crump's story explains the consequences of handling hazardous drugs with inadequate protection and their effects on the quality of life.