World War II

Adolf Hitler

How it all started

World War II started all because of this man called 'Adolf Hitler.' He hated the Jews as they were really wealthy and he thought that he should be the best person in the world. So he gathered up an army of Germans to fight against the Allies, who were Britain, France and America.They threatened Poland that they were going to drop bombs.Then World War II started.

They used tanks to blow up other countries.The tanks were made of steel, titanium and iron.

It was only in November 1917, at the battle of Cambria, that tanks were used effectively for the first time. Fleets of tanks flattened barbed wire, crossed enemy trenches, and acted as shields for the advancing soldiers. Tanks played an important role in the Allied attacks throughout 1918 .

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This is London after the German blitz. It was ruined , damaged and broken. The Germans had wrecked the whole city leaving bits and bobs of buildings left.


Children were evacuated during world war 2 because it wasn't safe for them to stay in the country. They had to pack essential belongings to take with them to their new families. Some children were evacuated to the countryside others were sent to different countries!

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Here is a power point of pictures from the war.

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