Raelynn Partin

Bentley Ward

Brantley Mills

Kaden Ledford

Raelynn Partin comes in every morning with a contagious smile! She always gives her absolute best, and is always willing to help her classmates and teachers! Bentley Ward was nominated for helping other students with their math assignments in class. Bentley is described as smart, funny, and charismatic. Brantley Mills was nominated for encouraging his classmates to do their best. Brantley’s favorite subject is Math. When he grows up, he would like to become a vet. He is described as smart, funny, and very helpful. Kaden Ledford is on the 7th grade blue team at Knox County Middle. He was selected for the 110% award because he is always giving his 110% best on assignments in his classes and proudly demonstrates the KCMS way!

McKinley Rich

Kenneth Smith

Seren Barnes

Tori Wilder

McKinley Rich is a hard worker and always willing to help others. She is a great example of the panther way. Kenneth Smith is a wonderful student. He works hard on all of his assignments and tries his best everyday! He is kind, respectful, and responsible. Also, he is an outstanding reader and speller! Seren Barnes always goes above and beyond in the classroom. She is positive, perseverant, and ideal student. Tori Wilder is motivated and pushes herself to do her best at all times. She also is the type of student that will help other students when they are struggling. Tori always goes above and beyond.

Trevor Frazier

Blakely Ellis

Hunter Matlock

Adriana Taylor

Trevor Frazier always gives 110 percent. He is kind to everyone and loves to be pushed in class. I hold him to a high standard and he always meets my expectations. Trevor is a stand up kid that I know will make a difference in his community one day. Blakely Ellis is in Mrs. Frederick's 6th grade class. His favorite subject is math. He is also a member of our Basketball Team. In his spare time, Blakely enjoys skating. His teachers describe him as fun, helpful, and hardworking. Hunter Matlock is in Mrs. Taylor’s 2nd grade class. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing outside and swinging. When Hunter grows up, he wants to join the Army. Adriana Taylor is hardworking, kind, and always helpful!

The vision of the Knox County Public Schools is to become a Top 10% Performing School District in the State. In order for the vision to become reality, every one must believe, achieve, and succeed. We like to say, if every one will give 110% effort they will achieve top 10% success. Here are some of the ones who are on their way...

Jessica Bruin

Colton Wagers

Ashton Childress

Josie Mills

Jessica Bruin has leadership capabilities to be a role model for other students. She’s very independent, responsible, prepared, and respectful to everyone in the school. She follows the Panther Way every day without being asked. Colton Wagers seizes every opportunity to show what he knows, in his own way. No matter the assignment, he makes sure that his work exceeds expectations. On top of unbelievable effort, Colton is kind hearted, hard working, and compassionate. Ashton Childress always tries his best, is kind to others, and helps keep the school clean by picking up trash. Ashton follows the Panther Way, makes straight A’s on his report card, and represents CES well! Josie Mills is a high performing student who is always trying to achieve more! She is the student that I can count on and is always wanting to help!

Amber Martin

Israel Price

Miles Moses

Khloe Davidson

Amber Martin is an exceptional student who does everything that is expected. Israel Price exhibits and follows the Panther Way on a daily basis. He is very kind and considerate both to his teachers and to his peers. He never hesitates to help a fellow student who may need his help. We are very proud of Israel and all of his accomplishments this year. Miles Moses always gives 110% while at school. He is eager to learn new things and is always willing to help his classmates. Khloe Davidson is the model student inside and outside of the classroom. She works hard, helps others whenever she can, and is kind. She completes all of her classwork and homework! She’s very deserving of this award.

Jayla Medlin

Izabella Broughton

Lily Mae Mills

Ray Brown

Jayla Medlin is a leader in class and always wants to help others when they need assistance. She has worked hard on her leadership. Izabella Broughton is in Mrs. Jones 1st grade class. Bella’s favorite subject is math and she also enjoys running. When she grows up, she would like to be a horse back rider. Lily Mae Mills is in Mrs. Davis 4th grade class. Lily’s favorite subject is Science. She enjoys art, painting, and taking care of her farm animals. She is a member of our schools OM and Academic Teams. When Lily grows up she would like to own 100 goats. Ray Brown is an excellent student, he works very hard in the classroom, he’s always kind to others, and he never misses school.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed. #kcpsTOP10

Keghan Elliott

Ellen Roark

Averie Farmer

Jackson Sharp

Keghan Elliott is very motivated and works to keep great grades in all his classes. Ellen Roark has excelled this year academically and socially. Ellen has been moved groups due to her work ethic and it is continuously getting stronger. She remains on task and helps both her peers and her teachers. Averie Farmer is always on task, a hard worker, and ready to learn. Jackson Sharp comes to school everyday ready to learn! He is excited about learning and worked hard to become an excellent reader.

Izabela Truett

Porter Mills

Cambree Prewitt

Lindsey Wren

Izabela Truett, kindergarten student, always gives 110% to become the best reader and math student. She is always giving a helping hand to her classmates. Porter Mills always gives 110% at everything he does, from reading and writing to friendship and fun. He rarely misses school, keeps up with his assignments, and does more the expected. Cambree Prewitt always has her work and is a pleasure to have in class. She also participates in extracurricular activities and excels in those as well. Lindsey Wren's hard work is paying off in Marh. She puts forth effort everyday. Lindsey isn't afraid to be wrong and accepts feedback to learn from a improve herself. She always has a smile and willing to work.

One student, giving 110% effort, can achieve top 10% success.