Tatum Cox
GR Hampton Elementary

Jake Sizemore
Central Elementary

GR Principal, Mrs. King, says that Tatum is a hard worker. He has very good MAP scores. He is a valuable member of the academic team. Jake always comes to class prepared and ready to learn. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to be a leader. He is a model student!

Allana Smith
Knox Central High

Alliyah Mills
Girdler Elementary

Tucker Green
Lay Elementary

Austin Partin
Lynn Camp Middle High

Knox Central High School is proud to select Allana as our newest One 10 Student. She is a great student and represents the Panther Way. Alliyah is super sweet and smart girl. She's always willing to help out and gives her all in all she does. Tucker is a 2nd grader at Lay Elementary. He is very considerate and respectful, always helping and being kind to others. Tucker always gives his best effort and has such a positive outlook. Austin is a strong leader, helpful to anyone who needs anything even just a kind word. Austin is kind, compassionate, and empathetic to everyone he meets.

The vision of the Knox County Public Schools is to become a Top 10% Performing School District in the State. In order for the vision to become reality, every one must believe, achieve, and succeed. We like to say, if every one will give 110% effort they will achieve top 10% success. Here are some of the ones who are on their way...

Piper Polliard
Flat Lick Elementary

Bentley Mowery
Lynn Camp Elementary

Spencer Prichard
Lay Elementary

Grayson Teague
Girdler Elementary

Piper excels in all aspects of the classroom: being a good listener, working hard, and being a kind friend to everyone around her. She is always safe, responsible, and respectful. Bentley works hard everyday and shows respect to his classmates and teachers, he is always willing to help. Spencer is in the sixth grade at Lay School. He always gives his best effort whether it be in the classroom or in his athletic endeavors. Many of the younger students look up to Spencer and he is an amazing role model for them. Grayson is the kindest and most respectful student I have met. He follows directions and rules every day. Also, he always will work hard and try his best in the classroom. I'm so blessed to have a sweet, hard-working student this year!

One student, giving 110% effort, can achieve top 10% success.

Liam Floyd
Central Elementary

Jaycie Mills
Dewitt Elementary

Makenna Oaks
Lynn Camp Elementary

Liam always goes above and beyond in class. You can depend on him to follow the Panther Way and be a great example to his peers. Liam is also a member of the Robotics team, Academic team and the band. Thank you Liam for always being a great role model at CES. Jaycie exceeds academic and behavior expectations in the classroom daily. Makenna is hard working in the classroom, she has a kind heart and is a friend to all. She takes pride in being a help to the younger students at LCE.

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