Equip Your Church

Why Join Equipping Church

Equipping Church offers training to your MicroChurch Leaders free of charge. Think of us as a tool to aid your church's MicroChurch program. You can post your weekly group guide in our app and have group leaders record attendance. MicroChurch Leaders can attend free digital training sessions to get better equipped to serve your people, all free of charge.

Another reason to promote Equipping Church in your church is the guided Bible devotion. We often tell our congregations to study the Bible. Like the sower sowing seed, sometimes our words fall on fertile soil. People go home and have amazing encounters with God! But how many people in your church have an outstanding devotional life? Unfortuantely, daily Bible readers are the minority of people in any church and even less understand what they are reading.

Equipping Church seeks to address this problem by aiding people with a verbal commentary on the Bible. Think of it as a study Bible that talks to you and makes its footnotes in real time.

How does my church join?

Below is a form to apply to join the Equipping Church Network. It's free to join. We invite Christians of all denominations to join!