How much does Equipping Church cost?

The app is totally free!

How much does it cost for my church to be featured on the app?

It's free for all churches!

What is the theological bent of Know + Love?

All Equipping Church produced content is from a Protestant evangelical perspective. However, we allow any church that can affirm the words of the Nicene Creed to connect with their congregation via our app.

Who started Equipping Church App?

Hey there, this is Justin Cassidy, founder of Equipping Church. I started this app because the Word of God is essential to have love for God. Currently, everything you see from the app to this website and everything in between is stuff I have been working on.

Can I donate to the Equipping Church?

We would love to contact you about receiving a donation to help fund the expenses of this app. You can reach out to our founder at