Paragon Prep

Mentoring Responsible and Productive Technology Usage as a Community

Vision Statement

Paragon Prep works to promote a culture of responsible and productive use of technology at school and at home. We adopt a whole-community approach to Managing student devices, Monitoring device usage, and Mentoring our students as they navigate the academic, social, and recreational aspects of technology use. We do this in order to create a community that promotes healthy bodies, strong minds, positive relationships, exemplary academic foundations, and positive and productive online and offline habits for all students.

A Look at Our Experts


Staying True To Our Vision

In order to stay true to our vision, three sub-committees are in place to make sure that our efforts to Manage, Monitor, and Mentor students' technology usage remain focused, in-balance with each other, and in alignment with best-practice. Each committee will regularly evaluate our plans, collaborate in the creation of Paragon Parent Best Practices, and explore other ways to help students navigate their technology usage in their academic, recreational, and social lives.

John Traphagan, Ph.D.

Parent of Current 7th Grader

Professor, Religious Studies and Human Dimensions of Organizations, UT Austin

Tomoko Traphagan, Ph.D.

Parent of Current 7th Grader

Manager, Research and Analysis at TEA

Ananandi Ganesh

Parent of current 7th grader

Staff Physician specializing in Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Emily Bolt

The Schools of Paragon Art Teacher, K-8

Edward Tasch

Parent of current 5th grader.

Matthew Cornwall

Parent of current 6th Grader

Real Estate Agent

Anisa Bhaiwala

Parent of Anderson HS student/Paragon Alumni and current 8th grader.

Haley Behr

Paragon Prep 6th Grade World Cultures and English Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Technology FAQ's

Question #1

What are some best practices for managing technology devices at home?


Technology use seems to become more of a problem later in the evenings after parents go to bed. Consider a docking station to house phones after a pre-established time.

Also, model the healthy relationship with technology that you would like to see flourish in your child. Things like phones away at the dinner table, during work times, etc... go a long way in the creation of a family culture surrounding technology.

Monitoring Technology FAQ's

Question #1

How do you monitor after school hours with existing school monitoring software?


We consider it the job of the school and the parents to monitor student activity on their school laptop. At home, it is primarily the parent's job to monitor device usage. Click here for an excellent powerpoint that highlights many different options to monitor computer usage at home. Also, feel free to enforce that your child must only use a Chrome web browser that is synced to their email address. This means that all of their usage will be saved and available for parent and administrative review.

Mentoring Technology FAQ's

Question #1

How do we encourage peer interaction between the kids at school?


This is an ongoing issue that dates back long before technology came to the scene. We know that students are more successful when they have healthy peer relationships. We also know that social interactions are most difficult for students during the middle school years. Technology has made this different than in the past since so much of their social interactions are becoming digital. At school, teachers do create thoughtful groupings to encourage new and varied peer interactions. We also allow students to create opportunities to collaborate on high interest activities through the creation of clubs and encourage old fashion interactions when we can.

Question #2

How do we encourage interaction between the kids outside of school?


I often hear that kids without a smart phone are left out of social circles and activities since the main mode of communication is through text message. After speaking with many students about this, it seems that many students share this concern.

Common sense media has a few related answers to their FAQ's, too. Click below to check them out!

Am I depriving my kid...?

Will my child be behind their peers...?