Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN)

KMGN brings together global Knowledge Management professionals to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Making collective impact through KM

  2. Bringing prosperity to organizations and society through KM

  3. Connect people & build social capital

  4. Create & share knowledge, resources, techniques, and strategies

  5. Raise partners' profile & increase their membership base

  6. Increase value of membership for each partners' network

  7. Extend platforms for cross-discipline collaboration & advocacy

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Benefits of KMGN Membership

  • Get peer assistance from global KM experts

  • Access the latest cases and resources from KM applications across 50+ industries

  • Co-create solutions to the biggest KM challenges

  • Stimulate & progress local understanding of KM

  • Promote network growth and strengthen reputation as part of a global KM network

  • Connect with other KM networks, organisations and individuals and co-create value with them

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Events – Current Month

We organise events regularly – which offers more opportunity for you to find an event of interest.

We hope to support the desire of KM practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills!

KMGN Knowledge base

We focus on collecting and sharing knowledge around KM discipline.

Open discussion and co-creation new idea are the critical value for us.