Log In Information for Elementary Students

Before getting on a Chromebook you will need to set up your Network Password on a desktop computer.

1. Log In and Set Computer Password

1st Login to Network

2. Log In and Set Google Password

1st Login to Google

3. Access the Klein Dashboard

Access the Klein ISD Dashboard


1. Sign in to Your Chromebooks

Sign in to Your Chromebook

2. Introducing the Chromebook

3. Learn More About Your Chromebook

Learn More About Your Chromebook

4. Sign In To Schoology

Sign in to Schoology

5. Network Password Assistance


A teacher will submit a request in Service Desk under Software Web Application. Be sure to select Google as the System and include the student's name and ID.


If you do NOT know your password...

Please see your campus librarian for help resetting your password.

If you know your password...

Your Klein computer login (Windows) can be reset from the Klein Dashboard. Go to the Klein Dashboard and use your Klein username and password to log into the Klein Dashboard. Click on Change Password and follow the instructions for changing your password.

NOTE: You will have to set up your security questions the first time you do this.

Or At School Only...

Reset from your computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard simultaneously, then selecting Change a Password and following the steps.

      1. Log on to your Klein device.
      2. Press and hold CTRL + ALT + Delete.
      3. Click Change a password.
      4. Enter the password you have been using to log on to your Klein device.
      5. Then enter a new password in the next two boxes.
      6. Confirm your new password.