Schindewolf Intermediate

Campus Snapshot

School Info

Website –

Twitter – @SchindewolfKISD

Facebook –

Phone – (832) 249-5900

Fax – (832) 249-4072

School Hours – 8:45 a.m. to 4:05 p.m.

Rating – Met Standard

Enrollment – 1,359

Mascot – Timberwolves

Principal – Dr. Curtis Simmons

Assistant / Associate Principals – Deena Davidson, Stephanie Gray, & Jessica Williams-Berger

Counselors – Suzanne Bazemore, Linda Cunningham & Lauren Muskiet

School History

Our campus opened in August of 2002 and is named after the Schindewolf family. The Schindewolfs came from Frankershausen, Germany, the same area from which the Hildebrandt family came. Johann Schindewolf married Magdalena (Maria) Hildebrandt in 1873. Together they had three children, Elissa, Klous Otto, and George. After Johann’s death in 1888, Maria brought her three children to Texas. They settled in the Westfield area, where she rejoined with her Hildebrandt family. George married Annie Strack in 1905 in Trinity Lutheran Church in Klein. They lived in the Klein area off Spring Stuebner Road. Around 1910 they built a large home that is still standing and had seven children. After George’s death in 1919, Annie married Friedrich (Fritz) Benfer and lived off Spring Cypress Road. Fritz died in 1961 and Annie died in 1962.

School Rating

Schindewolf Intermediate is rated as a Met Standard campus in Klein ISD.

Counseling Program

The Schindewolf counselors are available to assist our Timberwolves as they make plans for their academic future, as well as being available to students, parents and staff to help with emotional and personal issues. The counseling team plays an important role in the anti-bullying program and the refusal skills training offered to students. Character development, diversity awareness, mentoring, and peer mediation are all tools that our counseling program supports.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to play an active part in their child’s education by becoming involved in their child’s school. Schindewolf encourages parents to join the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and/or volunteer in various classrooms on the campus to assist with specific lessons.

Core Curriculum

Schindewolf offers high-quality instruction supported by exceptional teachers and staff. In addition to core classes, we offer courses in Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts and Languages other than English. Schindewolf follows the district curriculum for basic instruction:

English Language Arts (ELA)

ELA instruction at the intermediate school expands and develops reading and writing skills that are introduced in elementary school. Writing and reading are the core units of study in all three grade levels. Students are taught to write for various audiences, purposes, and modes; grammar skills; and practice techniques in spelling, word usage, punctuation, capitalization, and handwriting. In reading, students apply learned reading skills in both fiction and nonfiction reading selections. The study of literature also increases in intermediate school.


At the intermediate level, students build a foundation of understandings in number, operation, and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking; geometry and spatial reasoning; measurement; and probability and statistics.


At the intermediate level students learn science skills and learn to identify components of the solar system including the sun, planets, moon, and asteroids; systems of the human body; and relationship between force and motion.

Social Studies

In grades K-12, students build a foundation in history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, technology, and social studies skills. The content, as appropriate for the grade level or course, enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.

Other Programs

The core education of our Timberwolves is further enhanced by the opportunities they are afforded through involvement in extra curricular activities. Organizations and clubs such as our Art Club, Math Club, National Junior Honor Society, No Place for Hate Coalition, Science Club, Spanish Club, Speech and Drama Club, Student Council and T-Wolves for Christ provide enrichment to learning and a sense of belonging to the school community for our students.

Athletic Programs

Schindewolf has a very strong athletic program for both boys and girls in seventh and eighth grade. Sports offered include football, basketball, track, volleyball, swimming, and cross country. The Timberwolves have won 64 district championships in various sports since 2002.