Hildebrandt Intermediate

Campus Snapshot

School Info

Website – http://hildebrandt.kleinisd.net

Twitter – @HildebrandtKISD

Facebook – http://fb.me/HildebrandtKISD

Phone – (832) 249-5100

Fax – (832) 249-4068

School Hours – 8:45 a.m. to 4:05 p.m.

Rating – Met Standard

Enrollment – 1,279

Mascot – Mustangs

Principal – Ms. Lauren Marti

Associate/Assistant Principals – Kathleen Moulden, Tommy Newton, & Kimi Williams

Counselors - Marcy Wilson, William Hoffman, & Demita Hayes

School History

Hildebrandt Intermediate School opened in November 1973, on land that had been farmed by the Hildebrandt family for 100 years.

Hildebrandt, dedicated in December 1973, is the oldest intermediate school in the Klein Independent School District. Hildebrandt is the district’s northernmost intermediate school located amid a mixture of new subdivisions, primitive farmhouses, and rural grazing land common in an area where the thriving metropolis of Houston meets the piney woods of east Texas. The student population is made up of students of diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

School Rating

Hildebrandt Intermediate is rated as a Met Standard campus in Klein ISD.

Counseling Program

The Hildebrandt counselors are involved with all aspects of student life. Counselors meet with students and parents in areas regarding academics, social or vocational needs. Counseling activities focus on providing direction for:

  • social skills
  • peer pressure
  • conflict management
  • decision making
  • goal setting
  • parent education

Parent Involvement

Hildebrandt Intermediate loves parents. Many opportunities exist for parent involvement and include Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), Parent Night, award ceremonies and banquets, fine arts programs, sporting events, book fair, CIDC, open house, Family Fun Night, and fifth to sixth grade transition nights.

Core Curriculum

Hildebrandt Intermediate School is committed to providing an academically sound and socially focused learning environment in which all students are given the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. The school offers a wide scope of academic programs to address all learners. Core content area classes offer Pre-AP as an option. Hildebrandt offers several career and technology courses some of which will earn high school credit. Two foreign language options are available, French and Spanish. The curriculum follows the district objectives for basic instruction, which is listed as follows:

English Language Arts (ELA)

ELA instruction at the intermediate school expands and develops reading and writing skills that are introduced in elementary school. Writing and reading are the core units

of study in all three grade levels. Students are taught to write for various audiences, purposes, and modes; grammar skills; and practice techniques in spelling, word usage, punctuation, capitalization, and handwriting. In reading, students

apply learned reading skills in both ction and non ction reading selections. The study of literature also increases in intermediate school.


At the intermediate level, students build a foundation of understandings in number, operation, and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking; geometry and spatial reasoning; measurement; and probability and statistics.


At the intermediate level students learn science skills and learn to identify components of the solar system including the sun, planets, moon, and asteroids; systems of the human body; and relationship between force and motion.

Social Studies

In grades K-12, students build a foundation in history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, technology and society, and social studies skills. The content, as appropriate for the grade level or course, enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.

Special Programs

Hildebrandt is a school that celebrates a heritage of excellence. Students consistently surpass district and state averages on standardized achievement tests by wide margins. Athletic and academic teams bring home cases full of trophies. If music is your thing, there are three levels of band as well as orchestra, choir and show choir. The faculty and staff are made up of a unique combination of experienced staff members ready to share school pride and heritage with new educators brimming with enthusiasm and new ideas. This union enables our students to have the best of both worlds: a tradition-grounded environment that embraces the cutting edge of proven educational philosophies.

Other clubs & Extracurricular

Several clubs are offered at Hildebrandt in both academics and of varying interests. Student groups include National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), Mustangs for Christ, Destination ImagiNation, No Place for Hate clubs, cheerleading (7th and 8th grade), speech and drama club, and student council. Hildebrandt offers a variety of athletic activities as well to seventh and eighth grade boys and girls. We offer teams in football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, track and cross country.