Klein High School

Campus Snapshot

School Info

Website – http://kleinhs.kleinisd.net

Twitter – @KleinHigh

Facebook – http://fb.me/KleinHighSchool

Phone – (832) 484-4000

Fax – (832) 484-7821

School Hours – 7:25 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Rating – Met Standard

Enrollment – 3,900

Mascot – Bearkats

Principal – Jessica Haddox

Associate & Assistant Principals – Brandon Baker, Jaren Bollinger, Gary Brain, Melanie Bujnoch, Sarah Deckard, Alicia Eichhorn, Johnnie Hayes, Rene Miller, Charlene Norris-Davis, Blake Muskiet, Rene Malveaux, and Debbie Pennington

School History

Klein High School was the first high school established in the Klein Independent School District. The original Klein High opened their doors in 1939. The school moved to its current location on Stuebner Airline Road in 1963. Klein High completed construction at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Together... we make a difference.

School Rating

Klein High is rated as a Met Standard campus in Klein ISD.

Counseling Program

The guidance program of Klein High School is primarily one of educational guidance. The administrators, counselors, and teachers wish to assist each student in planning and pursuing a high school program that will be of maximum value to the student. The program is concerned with encouraging and assisting the student to improve study habits and attitudes, provide information needed to make vocational choices and further education or training. The guidance program is a cooperative effort of the entire staff including principals, counselors, teachers, and those who provide special services.

Parent Involvement

Parent Volunteers are an important part of Klein High School. Volunteers support their students through one of more than 20 parent booster clubs. Other volunteer opportunities include assisting with lock sales, picture day, and providing an appreciation luncheon once a quarter for the faculty and staff. KHS encourages parents to volunteer and experience Klein High along with their student(s).

Core Curriculum

Klein High School supports the expectation of offering state/ federal mandated curriculum, standards, and assessments. The campus offers dual credit, Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) and AP courses for students to prepare for higher education opportunities. Other curriculum supported programs include Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN), 504, and English as a Second Language. The basic curriculum structure in the KISD is as follows:

English Language Arts (ELA)

The ELA program at the high school level encourages students to become lifelong readers through efferent and aesthetic reading experiences, to think critically, and to communicate verbally and writing in all purposes and modes specified by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Methods of instruction are adapted to meet the needs of students, and technology is integrated to enhance communication skills. High school courses are designed to re ne the skills of students and to prepare them for a transition to college or career.


Students continue to build on the basic foundation developed in grades K-8 as they expand their understanding through other math experiences. These foundations include the understanding of number, operation, and quantitative reasoning, patterns, relationships and algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics. All are essential throughout high school math courses.


In high school, students conduct eld and laboratory investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical-thinking and scientific problem solving.

Social Studies

At the high school level, social studies courses include world geography, U.S. history, world history, government, psychology, sociology, economics, and special topics in social studies.

Special Programs

Klein High School has award winning band, choir and orchestra departments. Each of these departments offers community concerts where the students, parents and the public are invited to attend a performance thoughout the school year. Klein High’s award-winning drama department features a fall play and a spring musical for all community members to attend. The visual arts department

provides excellent instruction in drawing, painting, photography and digital graphics. All of the Fine Arts departments compete in local and nationally recognized competitions throughout the year.

The Klein High School activity program is designed for the purpose of furthering the educational process and developing the student’s varied abilities. All organizations and all students are special. Unity and cooperation among students, staff and clubs is outstanding. Enthusiasm, competition, learning, pride, and school spirit are characteristic of the Klein High activity program.

Athletic Programs

The Klein Bearkat athletic program is proud and strong. With one-third of the student body participating in our athletic program plus with the inclusion of our support groups of marching band, drill team, cheerleaders, standleaders, and GSL that number is expanded to at least 40 percent involved. The athletics department is an integral part of Klein High School. KHS varsity teams in football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball and individual sports of swimming, tennis, wrestling, golf, track & eld, cross country, and diving are always in the race for the District Championship. Once in the playoffs, the Bearkats tend to make a deep run in all sports with many making it to state championships. The tradition of excellence in all areas of Klein High pushes athletes on to greater heights in their perspective sports. Always proud to be a Bearkat!