Roth Elementary

Campus Snapshot

School Info

Website –

Twitter – @RothKISD

Facebook –

Phone – (832) 484-6600

Fax – (832) 484-7882

School Hours – 8:05 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Rating – Met Standard

Enrollment – 700

Mascot – Rams

Principal – Gail McGuire

Assistant Principal – Holly Conroy

Counselor – Lindsey Harrison

School History

Roth opened on January 17, 1985. It is located on a 11.98 acre site on Castlemont Lane in Bridgestone subdivision. The school was named after Henry and Ana Roth who came from Feudingen, Germany. The family farmed and ranched on the property. They depended on cotton, timber, hay and cattle for their livelihood. Mr. Roth had a cotton gin and sawmill, and owned a railroad stop on the IC&N Railroad called Rotherwood.

School Rating

Roth Elementary is rated as a Met Standard campus in the Klein ISD and received a Top 25 percent Student Progress Distinction Designation.

Counseling Program

Lindsay Harrison, our school counselor, leads many school-wide initiatives designed to help students experience success academically, emotionally and socially. This is done by working with students, staff and parents through individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, consultation and collaboration. She also encourages students and staff to participate in various programs such as No Place for Hate, Anti-Bullying Week, The Kindness Challenge, Red Ribbon Week and Paint the Community with Peace Week.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to get involved with their students at Roth. Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Roth’s PTO supports the faculty and staff and works closely with the administration to provide outstanding programs for our students. The school has Grandparent’s Day and an annual Tea along with family night activities.

Core Curriculum

program encourages children to write and read starting in Pre-K. Reading groups are small, and journal writing is built into daily exercises. Students use the StarBoard, computers and e-Instruction for hands-on math. Roth’s science lab offers students a chance to do projects and experiments, while History Alive allows for creative role playing and mapping of historical events.

Language Arts

In the elementary ELA program, the emphasis is on the development of fundamental reading and writing skills. Reading instruction includes training in phonics, structural analysis, sight word recognition, context clues, vocabulary development, comprehension, study skills, and literary appreciation. Writing instruction teaches students how to use written language appropriately. Instruction includes specific training in grammar, spelling, handwriting, word usage, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as more generalized training in composing written expressions. Skills in speaking and listening are also taught with the instruction for reading and writing.


At the elementary level, students build a foundation of basic understandings for the following: number operation and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking; geometry and spatial reasoning; measurement; and probability and statistics.


At the elementary level, students learn science basic skills and how to identify components of the natural world. Students study life, earth, and physical science concepts.

Social Studies

In grades K-12, students build a foundation in history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, technology and society, and social studies skills. The content, as appropriate for the grade level or course, enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.

Special Programs

Roth continues to be an exemplary campus due to the support of our parents, teachers and community. The Roth community volunteers hours toward mentoring, tutoring and collaborative approaches in teaching our students. The teachers are devoted to increasing their professional knowledge and staying up-to-date with current and research-based professional development opportunities.

Students can participate in a variety of choirs and the Roth Ringers through our music department. The art program has work with the Fincher Museum to display our students glass artwork, and artworks have been displayed in the KIC Center in the Klein ISD. Students participate in several competitions throughout the year, and continue to excel in all forms of art.

P.E. teachers are very involved with our students and encourage them to live healthy life styles. Nutrition, eating habits and character building, along with physical exercise and play, play an important role in the P.E. curriculum. The P.E. department also offers a jogging club in the mornings as well.