Kaiser Elementary

Campus Snapshot

School Info

Website – http://kaiser.kleinisd.net

Twitter – @KaiserKISD

Facebook – http://fb.me/KaiserKISD

Phone – (832) 484-6100

Fax – (832) 484-7864

School Hours – 8:05 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Rating – Met Standard

Enrollment – 740

Mascot – Cowboys

Principal – Betty Zavala

Assistant Principal – Dee Dee Murphy

Assistant Principal – Zasil Perez

Counselor – Angela Hansen

School History

Kaiser Elementary was opened in the fall of 1978. The original school was built on a 12-acre tract of land. Henry Kaiser was born on September 9, 1825 in Hesse, Germany. In 1856 he and his first wife Elizabeth joined the Brautigams and 13 other families in coming to Texas. Landing in Galveston, the families used smaller boats to come up Buffalo Bayou to Allen’s landing in Houston. While Henry was serving in the Civil War, his first wife died of the fever. In 1865 widower Henry Kaiser married widow Katharina Wunderlich Hassler. One of the Kaiser sons, Emil, and his family, moved to the Spring/Westfield area, and a school was located on their property. Mike McWhirter was the principal at the time of the school’s dedication and Dr. Donald Collins was the superintendent. Currently there are 740 students enrolled at Kaiser.

School Rating

Kaiser Elementary is rated as a Met Standard campus in Klein ISD.

Counseling Program

Our school counselor, Angela Hansen, serves as a resource for students, staff, and parents at Kaiser. Mrs. Hansen's counseling program offers educational guidance and referral information as needed. Her guidance lessons focus on positive behavior choices and academic success for all students. Along with her counseling duties, Mrs. Hansen coordinates programs and events such as the Character Programs, Student Mentor Program, Red Ribbon Week, GT identification, and No Place for Hate.

Parent Involvement

Kaiser has an active PTO. They are always seeking new volunteers. The Kaiser supports several campus programs and events including WATCH D.O.G.S., Muffins with Moms, and Donuts with Dads, hosting classroom parties, and Fifth Grade Appreciation.

Core Curriculum

Kaiser Elementary is an active member of the No Place For Hate Coalition. In addition to our core curriculum, we have the Read 180 program in place to assist our struggling readers and after school tutoring offered throughout the year. Kaiser follows the KISD curriculum, click the titles for more details.

English Language Arts

In the elementary ELA program, the emphasis is on the development of fundamental reading and writing skills. Reading instruction includes training in phonics, structural analysis, sight word recognition, context clues, vocabulary development, comprehension, study skills, and literary appreciation. Writing instruction teaches students how to use written language appropriately. Instruction includes specific training in grammar, spelling, handwriting, word usage, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as more generalized training in composing written expressions. Skills in speaking and listening are also taught with the instruction for reading and writing.


At the elementary level, students build a foundation of basic understandings for the following: number operation and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking; geometry and spatial reasoning; measurement; and probability and statistics.


At the elementary level, students learn science basic skills and how to identify components of the natural world. Students study life, earth, and physical science concepts.

Social Studies

In grades K-12, students build a foundation in history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, technology and society, and social studies skills. The content, as appropriate for the grade level or course, enables students to understand the importance of patriotism, function in a free enterprise society, and appreciate the basic democratic values of our state and nation.

Special Programs

Music instruction begins in the elementary grades where the curriculum is based on the teachings of Carl Orff and Zoltan Kodaly. Elementary students receive instruction in two, 45-minute classes per week from music specialists. Students in the fifth grade may begin the study of stringed instruments held at the elementary campuses before or after school. Students play instruments, sing, and experience whole body movement while learning to appreciate many genres of music. Fourth and fifth grade choir members participate each year in the Houston Children’s Music Festival. Western dance week is always a favorite.

In visual arts, students examine both natural and man-made objects, explore art elements, and apply art principles in designing, developing and creating original artworks. Student study contemporary, past artists and their peers to enhance their appreciation of art culture and heritage. Klein ISD students may enter their work in many area contests including the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Scholastic Art Contest, VASE, Youth Art Month and many others.