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FAR OUT FIELD DAY - 2019/2020

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to Record a short video and show us the Field Day Game that you enjoy playing! Share as many as you like and watch your friends play, too.

Have Fun!

"Create Your Own Obstacle Course Challenge"

Ready - Set - Go!

Create your very own obstacle course using things you have at home. You can even make a sidewalk or driveway chalk obstacle course. Don't forget to keep safety in mind with all of your ideas!

After you design and practice using your obstacle course, please share a picture through email,

Post a video through the FlipGrid below:

Or Post to Twitter @RothKISD @mfloresdeb @IrbysT

We Can't Wait to See Your Ideas!

What are you doing to stay healthy at home?

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to leave a quick video to let us know how you are staying active and healthy!

Roth PE Choice Board

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We miss you and we can't wait to see you soon!

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay Healthy and Stay Active!!

Remember what we did at the beginning of the year? See below.

The Secret Stuff


"Progress Follows Effort"

"You are a Champion if you always do your best!"

"Smart is something you get, not something you are."

by Joanne Billingley"

Author: "Aim to Grow Your Brain"