Roth Music

This is where the music happens! Welcome to Ms. Harrison's & Mrs. Rivera's classrooms. We are happy you are here! Below you will find some information and forms to help you with any questions you might have about what we do here at Roth. If you aren't finding what you need, please contact us!

We have two ensembles here at Roth: the Roth Choir and the Roth Ringers. Each group is designed to help students find their love for music in a group setting. In these groups they will learn the lifelong skills of peer collaboration, artistic music making, performance etiquette and much more! These skills will set the tone for any future music classes they may take such as choir, band, and orchestra. We are going to send information by text through Remind.

Please see our Roth Choir and Roth Ringers pages to learn more.