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The PTO sponsored reading program has taken a new direction!

Instead of monthly reading logs, we'd love for you to read 14 books on your reading adventure through 7 genres! (So 2 books from each of the genres below)

The genres include:

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Historical Fiction
  • Biography
  • Informational (Non-fiction)
  • Free Choice

After you read a book in a genre, you should complete a Student Video Reflection and you will receive credit. You just need access to the web and a camera. Visit our Reading Adventure Website for more information on specifics. If you choose not to participate through technology, you can write a 3-5 sentence answer to the same question on the web and turn it into the library. Be sure video and written responses are complete in order to receive credit.

You will receive an Adventure Map to place your genre stickers on once you earn them! In order to get a sticker, you must read 2 books in a genre. (Ex. 2 Informational Books = 1 Sticker for completion).

Stickers will be distributed by our PTO Volunteer on Fridays!

Feel free to color your Adventure Map and hang it on your refrigerator at home!

Once you receive ALL 7 stickers, you will be rewarded!

  • Once you fill up your Adventure Map, you will be invited to our Fall Semester Party and your name is entered into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle (so you can keep reading!)
  • If you continue to complete more challenges, you can enter the drawing multiple times. Our Amazon Kindle Winner will be chosen at the Spring Semester Party!
  • A Spring Semester Party will be held for those that continue the Reading Adventure in January, and for those who decide start the adventure for the first time.

Still have questions?

Check out this video made by our librarian, Mrs. Segura for some clarification.

Email or call 832-484-6556