Hofius Name That Book Team Page

What is Name that book?

Name That Book is a Klein ISD team reading competition. Students will be placed on teams by school. At the district competition on February 2, 2019 at Klein Cain High School, teams will be presented with quotes from the 2018-2019 Name That Book list and asked to "name that book." The Hofius Hawks are in it to win it, so follow the instructions below and start reading TODAY!


  1. Complete this form if you're interested in participating in Name That Book this year. Mrs. Nalley will contact you with more information.
  2. Read books from the 2018-2019 NTB List! Copies of these books are available to check out in the Hofius library. You can also follow the links on this list to check out ebooks and/or audiobooks from OverDrive. As you read, look for good practice quotes!
  3. When you complete a book from the NTB list, complete this form to track your progress. Please submit 5-10 quotes from the book with their page numbers that we can use to practice for the competition.


Please talk to Mrs. Nalley in the library or email her at lnalley1@kleinisd.net!