Theatre Arts

Teacher Voice

Theatre Arts is a course that will develop skills that will be valuable in any profession. The course evolves the actors tools: the body, voice, and mind. Students become more comfortable performing in front of an audience, speaking and moving with ease, and thinking and adapting on their feet. Students will perform monologues, scenes, and improvised scenes. The course also explores the conventions of theatre, theatre history, and some technical theatre.

Student Voice

“Theatre Arts has allowed me to become more confident in expressing myself creatively in front of an audience.” - Colin

“Performing group scenes and improv are my favorite.” - Becky

“Theatre Arts II is definitely a step-up from Theatre Arts I because you get to perform more and concentrate on acting.” - Kristen

“The course was engaging and offered different methods of acting, which both strengthened my ability to perform and made me eager to learn more about the art of acting.” -Justis

What Happens in Class?