Klein Creates Innovation Challenge

Problem Statement:

We challenge YOU with the Klein Creates Design Thinking Challenge where students identify a need and imagine prototype that creates an innovative product or solution!

Day of Design Challenges encourage students to create like an innovator by employing creative problem-solving skills and an entrepreneurial mindset while innovating a solution to a problem.

Klein Students have participated in Klein Water Warriors, Klein In Space and Operation Lifeline where Klein ISD students used design thinking and entrepreneurial skills to solve world problems. Klein Creates is the next Klein ISD Innovation Challenge which launches in November to encourage students to take on real-world challenges in the classroom.

Create a innovative idea, product or service that has the potential to solve a problem or become a profitable business venture. Using Design Thinking, Inquiry and Launch students will explore, program solve and demonstrate the skills by developing an innovative project as an entrepreneur. Next, using they will design a pitch using persuasive techniques to sell the innovation. An expert panel will judge and review presentations and innovation .

In Klein ISD, EVERY student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose.

Our Profile of a Learner Pathway Explorers are goal oriented, self-reflective, innovative, creative, optimistic, and hopeful!