Kleb Counseling

Today’s adolescents encounter exciting challenges with new technologies and opportunities in a diverse society. Every child needs support and guidance to become our next generation of good citizens and leaders. The middle school years are unique and challenging; personally, developmentally, and intellectually. Our goal as school counselors is to help and support our students as they transition from childhood to adolescents.

At Kleb, the school counseling department is passionate about helping each child reach their potential. We work individually with students, teachers, and parents to provide guidance during the adolescent years. The Kleb school counselors believe that every student can be successful and are excited to be part of this ongoing journey.

Yena Malik

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Parents and students, please reach out to Kleb school counselors with any specific questions or issues. Additional resources may be located at the Social Emotional Resources link above

For tech support or repairs needed for your student's Chromebook, please submit your help desk request through this form: