Student Council


Do you want to make a difference on campus?

The KI Student Council will consist of students in Grades 6-8. Members must complete an application. Students will be chosen, based on the eligibility requirements. We are looking for some dynamic, enthusiastic, and committed students to join the Student Council for this year. Qualities necessary for any member on student council are:

    • Leadership skills – Are you willing to lead committees and be a representative for your class?
    • Creative – Are you able to think of new and exciting activities and fundraisers for the student council?
    • Communicative – Are you able to share ideas with other student council members, your class and all of middle school?
    • Team player – You could be working with a team to generate ideas and organize events for the Student Council.
    • Responsibility – You may be responsible for running activities throughout the school and you must be reliable.
    • Commitment – This is a year long activity and if you volunteer now, you will be expected to come to all meetings for the remainder of the year. There will be at least 8 meetings throughout the year after school, so if this does not fit into your schedule, please do not volunteer.

Benefits of Participating

Students should consider this the Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) because it helps to build character, leadership, decision making, organization skills and responsibility.

Eligibility for Student Council Representative

A class representative must maintain a passing grade in all courses and should have earned passing grades during the last 20 weeks of the prior school year.

A class representative’s experience at Klein Intermediate may not include disciplinary referrals related to insubordination, classroom disrutpions, truancy, excessive tardies, substance abuse, etc.

Student Council Representative Responsibilities

  1. Attend ALL scheduled meetings. Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the Council.
  2. Serve on one standing committee and at least one activity/event committee during the year and contribute time and effort to help make each Student Council sponsored activity the best it can be.
  3. Act responsibly at all meetings and activities/events and as a leader at KI.
  4. Keep grades as high as possible. A 2.5 is required, but higher is encouraged.
  5. Good citizenship is a must. Student Council is a team.
  6. Solicit input from your team. You ARE their representative.
  7. Attend all committee meetings and perform all assigned responsibilities at activities/events.

Student Council Activity Goals

  • To provide opportunities for students to gain leadership skills and an appreciation for responsibility and accountability.
  • To provide ways in which students may broaden their interests and develop new experiences.
  • To foster healthy student-student, student-teacher, student-administration, and student-community interaction.
  • To provide a channel of communication through which students can contribute to the school program.
  • To develop an interest in current issues that involves all segments of the student population.
  • To promote more student body involvement through pep assemblies, “information” assemblies and other whole-school events.

Interested In Joining?

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2018-2019 Application

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