Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will be learning to play recorder once again this year. Students in all grades have been learning how to read music vocally with solfege notation (do, re, mi…). Using the recorder, students will learn to read music with the letter names.

All 3rd through 5th grade students are required to have a recorder. If your child does not already own a recorder, he/she will need to purchase a recorder on School Cash Online for $7. Please note that the recorders ordered through the music department are carefully selected. Unfortunately, the recorders available through many retail chains are truly toys of insufficient quality for the music classroom.

To order or recorder: go to School Cash Online at

Orders are due by September 28, 2018. We will not be taking cash or check in the office this year.

Students will receive their CD and/or recorder 2-3 weeks following this date.