Music Memory Composers

The MUSIC MEMORY is an active listening program for k-5 students designed to successfully engage all students, young and old, in attentive or mindful listening to timeless musical works. Students learn to fully concentrate on the music elements of each selection, not just to hear the sound.

Through the national award-winning curriculum program, students gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the world’s greatest music. The high quality, thorough and enjoyable music listening experiences supplement other general music experiences, and are based on powerful current brain research linking music and brain development.

To Listen to excerpts from the 2018-19 Music Memory list, click the link below.

The letter went home regarding ordering music memory CDs for this year. NOTE the deadline. Orders will not be taken after the deadline.

MUSIC MEMORY LISTENING CDs (for Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade will participate in the Music Memory Listening Program once again this year. This is a nationally recognized program designed to promote music listening skills through the study of great composers, their lives, and their music.

A CD including all 16 listening selections may be ordered through School Cash Online for $14. Purchase of this CD is not required, but it will help your child excel in his/her music class. Please note, the CD is identical for all grade levels, so families with multiple children may share a CD.

Orders are due by September 28, 2018. We will not be taking cash or check in the office this year.

Students will receive their CD and/or recorder 2-3 weeks following this date.