Bluebonnet Books

Bluebonnet Challenge

The Bluebonnet Book list contains 20 books written for students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. This year, students will complete a Google Form for each Bluebonnet book they read or have read to them. The incentives are listed below:

  • Read 5 books and you will...
    • vote in statewide selection of the book to be named 2018-2019 Bluebonnet Winner
    • have your name displayed on Bluebonnet Wall of Fame
  • Read 10 books and you will...
    • have lunch in the library with Mrs. McComb
  • Read 20 books and you will...
    • receive a gift certificate for the Spring Book Fair
    • receive special recognition at the End of Year Awards Ceremony

Click here after you read a Bluebonnet Book