Fifth Grade Talent Show


The 5th Grade Talent Show will be May 21, 2020 at 2:00pm. There will be a limited number of acts admitted into the show based on an audition. See requirements below:


WHO: Eligible 5th grade students (No N’s or U’s). Only students who are auditioning are allowed in the tryout room.

WHEN: May 5 & 6, 2020 at 7:10am – Meet by the front office and we will walk down together. If you arrive after 7:10am, you will not be able to audition.


· Solo or group act of your choice. Each act is expected to be school appropriate, organized and ready to perform. No Lip Sync will be allowed.

· Vocal Solo or Vocal Group – Must have a karaoke accompaniment CD or YouTube karaoke link written on a piece of paper. No CD’s with a performer singing on it will be allowed. MUST BE MEMORIZED.

· Dance Solo or Group - Must be memorized and rehearsed for the audition. Must provide music for the audition that is school appropriate.

· Instrumental Solo or Ensemble - Must be prepared to play as if you were at a recital or concert.

· Skit: Must be memorized and rehearsed for the audition. “We thought we would…….” will not be accepted. The group must be rehearsed and organized BEFORE the audition.

· Costumes – Not required for the audition, but you should have something special for the performance. All costumes must be approved prior to the performance.

· All music will be approved by administration.

PERMISSION: Each student auditioning must have permission to try out. Please return the completed form found below to the music teachers no later than WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2020.

My Child, ______________________________________________, has permission to try out for the Greenwood Forest Elementary talent show. They do not have any N’s or U’s in conduct.

TYPE OF ACT:_____________________________________________

TITLE OF MUSIC:_________________________ YOUTUBE KARAOKE LINK:_________________________

OTHER PERFORMERS (if it is a group):______________________________________________________


Child’s Teacher:_________________________ Teacher Signature:_____________________________

Parent Signature:___________________________________________