Gifted & Talented Referrals

GT Referral Information

The Gifted and Talented referral window is open at the beginning of each school year. Please contact your child's teacher or counselor if you believe your child may be gifted.

Listed below are traits of a gifted student:

Keen power of abstractionInterest in problem-solving and applying conceptsVoracious and early readerLarge vocabularyIntellectual curiosityPower of critical thinking, skepticism, self-criticismPersistent, goal-directed behaviorIndependence in work and studyDiversity of interests and abilitiesCreativeness and inventivenessKeen sense of humorAbility for fantasyOpenness to stimuli, wide interestsIntuitivenessFlexibilityIndependence in attitude and social behaviorSelf-acceptance and unconcern for social normsRadicalismAesthetic and moral commitment to self-selected workUnusual emotional depth and intensitySensitivity or empathy to the feelings of othersHigh expectations of self and others, often leading to feelings of frustrationHeightened self-awareness, accompanied by feelings of being differentEasily wounded, need for emotional supportNeed for consistency between abstract values and personal actionsAdvanced levels of moral judgmentIdealism and sense of justiceSpontaneityBoundless enthusiasmIntensely focused on passions—resists changing activities when engrossed in own interestsHighly energetic—needs little sleep or down timeConstantly questionsInsatiable curiosityImpulsive, eager and spiritedPerseverance—strong determination in areas of importanceHigh levels of frustration—particularly when having difficulty meeting standards of performance (either imposed by self or others)Volatile temper, especially related to perceptions of failureNon-stop talking/chatteringSource: Clark, B. (2008). Growing up gifted (7th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Klein's GT testing process or the GT program please contact your child's counselor.

For more information regarding gifted and talented identification, the testing timeline and other parent resources please visit the KISD website at