Doerre Intermediate Cheer Tryouts 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can my athlete go for extra help on the dance and cheer? Our judges and material for tryouts are coming from Sideline! Spirit. Click here for their website. Many athletes who practiced there before tryouts last year were successful in making the squad.
  • What is the "season" for school cheer? Our athletes are required to be at events at school throughout the school year. In addition to this, we cheer at football games from August - November and basketball games from November - February.
  • What is the time commitment like? We practice once a week before school and have cheer at one game per week from August-February.
  • Does cheer follow UIL guidelines? Yes! We are required to follow UIL eligibility. If your athlete has a failing grade at progress reports they will not be permitted to cheer at games or perform at events.
  • Can my athlete participate in school cheer and competitive cheer? Yes, we have many athletes that are successful at balancing both! HOWEVER, your athlete is required to be at all games and events. Missing a game for any reason is considered a strike and each athlete only has three strikes. Please carefully consider this before joining the squad.
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