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Parents and Seniors,

FAFSA!! Be sure you have applied or aske for an opt-out form.

For step-by-step help filling out the FAFSA form, please see the link below!

When the FAFSA application is complete please send proof by:

  1. Forwarding the email of completion to me

  2. Printing the email out and bringing to me

These will be placed in your student’s file indicating that they have completed this graduation requirement.

If you choose to opt out of the FAFSA, please let me know and I can send the form to you to fill out and send back into me.

Questions? Reach out via email or by phone.

Erin Einhaus

College & Career Advisor

Klein Cain High School


For students to:

  • Qualify for Dual Credit

  • Meet the CCR requirements

  • Meet College Requirements

  • Have Early Release/Late Arrival

Sign Up for May 13th. This will be the last day the test will be given on campus.

Preparing to take the TSIA?


It is never too early to start planning!

A great new resource with easy access to Texas College information.


2022/2023 Grade Level Check Lists

Freshmen Checklist

Sophomore Checklist

Junior Checklist

Senior Checklist

*More informational handouts in the QUAD!!

Have you been given an AWARD??

We want to know!!

Fill out the GOOGLE FORM so we can announce it

Have you been awarded a scholarship???

We want to hear about it!!

Fill out the Google Form so we can celebrate with you!

Copy of PREP CCR presentation
PREP CCR presentation

If you missed P.R.E.P. night, here is the College and Career Readiness (CCR) information. Contact the QUAD if you have questions or concerns.

2021 QUAD ppt

Be sure to request the correct type of transcript for your needs:

  • Official -Will be sent via TREX or snail-mailed

  • Unofficial - Picked up in the Registrar's office after a pass is delivered

  • Uploaded for NCAA - let your counselor or CCC Advisor know

Student BRAG Sheet for College Scholarships and Recommendation Letters

Use the "Brag Sheet" to assist counselors, teachers, or anyone writing a Letter of Recommendation for your student.

Please give your recommender at least 2 weeks so that they have plenty of time to write your letter of recommendation. Letters will be sent directly to the institution/organization.

What is GPA and Rank?

GPA _How To Calculate.pdf