Bully Prevention

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Blackshear Prevention Plan

Our school is starting a new behavior management system this year specifically geared toward building interpersonal skills, communication, and conflict resolution. We will be using Restorative Practices to give students a voice and to help build empathy, active listening, and self-regulation. Every teacher at Blackshear is trained in Restorative Practices, which will help early identification of problem behaviors and conflicts between students. Schools that have adopted Restorative Practices have seen dramatic decreases in student conflicts, mean behavior, and bullying. We are excited to see how these practices transform Blackshear in the coming years.

Blackshear Response Plan

If you feel your student is dealing with conflict, mean, or bullying issues, the first course of action is to first talk to the teacher(s). Express your concerns to your child's teacher(s) and encourage your student to do the same. The teacher(s) will initiate an investigation into the issue and initiate a plan to correct the behaviors. Restorative Practices will be used to address the issue. Depending on the nature of the incident, counselors or administration may be brought in to facilitate more intense interventions or consequences.

If you have reached out to teachers and the behaviors have not improved, please contact a counselor or administrator.

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