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Hello, my name is Baylee Kleman and this will be my 6th year in KleinISD. 4 of those years I dedicated my life to teaching, and 1 year I spent as a Literacy Specialist, which I absolutely cherished. I graduated from Texas A&M University with my Masters in Educational Psychology. I am thrilled to be the Blackshear Counselor! Outside of continuous growth in my career, I enjoy surrounding myself with people that I love at all times. Some of my favorite hobbies are shopping, reading, watching movies, and traveling.

Behvaior Specialist: Mrs. Crosetto


Hello! I'm Kristine Crosetto and I am proud to be Blackshear's Behavior Specialist. This is my 21st year in education and 11th in Klein ISD. Throughout my 21 years I have had to work with students of all ages as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Resource/Co-Teacher, Autism Unit Teacher, Instructional Facilitator and RTI Coordinator, Case Manager, and High School Registrar. When I'm not learning about new strategies to help my students I am spending time with my family. We enjoy attending Church, participating in Cub Scouts activities, going camping, and participating in swim team.

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