Welcome Back Vikings

Welcome back students! We are looking forward to welcoming all of our students (both returning and new Vistas students) on the first day of school - September 8th. We have all missed seeing your smiling faces and our campus is not the same without you. Vistas will start at 7:15 am this year and ends at 2:30. Regardless of the mode of instruction that your family selected for you (KleinOnline KOL or Klein OnCampus KOC), all students start at 7:15 am on September 8th. Please click on the link above to see this year's bell schedule.

We have several opportunities between now and September 8th for you to receive updated information and to participate in our campus simulation (practice) as we prepare ahead of time for our first day. Please click on the "Upcoming Important Dates" link at the top for additional information.

Check back to this newsletter frequently as we will be updating periodically with new information.

See you either through KleinOnline or KleinOnCampus on September 8th at 7:15.

Mrs. Pennington and all of the Vistas Staff