Metabolomics is one of the most renowned and emerging research methodologies in the 21st century that quantitatively and qualitatively measure the level of metabolites in clinical specimens such as urine, plasma, serum, feces and tissues. It provides systemic understanding of altered biochemical pathways in response to certain stimuli or conditions. In addition, the biomarkers or fingerprints of particular diseases or medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, some cancers and other metabolic dysregulation-related diseases can effectively be monitored through metabolic profiling. Metabolomics has been employed in not only clinical research but also natural product studies. Having combined metabolomics with pattern recognition, it helps surpass the traditional fractionation which is time-consuming and cost-effective. Therefore, bioactive compounds can be easily identified from crude extract.

The 1st Clinical and Natural Product (CliNaP) Metabolomics Short Course has been established to gather researchers in the field for catching up the state-of-art information with the same pace and also to provide a sharing platform in order to put metabolic profiling at ease for everyone.


The short course aims to:

- provide researchers with up-to-date information and hands-on experience in metabolic profiling experiment

- provide an opportunity for researchers to exchange their experties

- motivate researchers to conduct metabolomics studies

CliNaP Metabolomics Short Course Date & Venue

2 - 5 April 2019 at Meeting Room 3, Khon Kaen University Science Park, Khon Kaen, Thailand. For more details about the venue [Click]