For students requiring greater challenge, Kekaulike High School offers the Honors and Advanced placement courses. All Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses have an open enrollment policy and all adhere to our non-discrimination policies. Students interested Honors and AP courses are expected to complete any and all summer work assigned and will not be allowed to drop the course(s). Prior to registration for AP courses, signatures from counselor, AP teacher, student, and parent must be obtained to confirm understanding of all course expectations.

Honors (H): Honors courses are advanced courses with higher expectations for students who have been recommended by either a teacher, a parent, a counselor, or an administrator. The Honors courses available at Kekaulike High School are as follows:

      • English 1 (9)
      • English 2 (10)
      • US History (9)
      • World History (10)
      • Participation in Democracy/Modern History of HI (11)
      • Physical Science (9)
      • Biology (10)

Advanced Placement (AP): Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level courses based on the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. They are rigorous with very high expectations. The student is required to take the corresponding AP exam. The AP courses available at King Kekaulike High School are:

      • Art History
      • Biology
      • Calculus AB
      • Computer Science Principles
      • Computer Science A
      • English Literature and Composition
      • English Language & Composition
      • Environmental Science
      • Japanese
      • Physics
      • Psychology
      • Spanish Language and Composition
      • Spanish Literature and Composition
      • Statistics
      • Studio Art (Drawing & Painting or Design or 3D-Art)
      • World History

*Grades for AP courses are weighted on a 5.0 scale.


The Special Education program is designed to provide a free and appropriate educational program that will enable students with special needs to achieve their fullest potential. All students in the program must be certified by the Hawaii State Department of Education. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is created specifically for each student; along with courses that are designed to meet the needs of the special education certified students.


Classes in English, math, social studies, foreign language and other elective choices are offered through the Hawaii Department of Education’s Virtual Learning Network. These classes are offered online with DOE instructors for high school credit. A student must be enrolled in a Hawaii public school to take one of these classes. For information on enrolling in an e-school class, please call the registrar at 727-3519. Registration fills up fast for popular classes such as: Algebra 1, Geometry, Modern History of Hawaii, Participation in Democracy, and Health. For Fall 2019 registration, you should call before summer.


Effective September 1986, students must maintain a 2.0 or “C” average and pass all courses required for graduation in order to participate in athletics or other co-curricular activities.