Attendance & Tardies

ATTENDANCE OFFICE: (808) 727-3510


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  1. The parent/guardian should call our Attendance Office at 727-3510 when their child is absent from school.
  2. The student, regardless of age, is responsible for bringing in a note upon his/her return to school when absent. All letters/documentation must be given to the attendance clerk within two (2) school days of returning to school.
  3. The parent note is to be shown to respective teachers to verify absence and teachers will sign the note. After the note has been signed by teachers, the student is responsible to return the note to the Attendance Office .
  4. If a student fails to bring a signed note from the parent or guardian within the two (2) allotted days, the absence will be treated as a truancy.
  5. Students who miss school are responsible for requesting make-up work and completing that work within a reasonable length of time set by the teacher.
  6. In case of personal trips, parents should notify the school as soon as possible prior to the date of travel. Students should make arrangements with their teachers for make-up work prior to departure date.
  7. Students who have a prior excuse from teachers to miss classes because of school-related activities will not be marked absent.
  8. After three (3) days of absences, doctor’s verification will be required . Parents are encouraged to request homework. If the illness is expected to last two weeks or longer, parents are encouraged to contact the counselor for further assistance.
  9. Suspensions of 10 or more days requires substitute educational activities. However automatic F's shall not be given for assignments that students are not allowed to make-up and/or mere physical absence from class.
  10. Students who are truant from school or class, automatic F's may be given for work that is missed by the student. Chronic truancies may result in police and family court referrals, and students may also be subject to arrest. Detention or other appropriate disciplinary measures may be used to emphasize the seriousness of unauthorized absences.


Examples of Excused Tardies

    • Funeral services for a family member: Copy of the funeral program required
    • Doctor/Dentist appointment: Note required
    • Family Court appointment: Note from Family Court required
    • Student detained by an administrator, counselor, faculty: Note from person who detained the student
    • Delayed school bus: Note from attendance clerk
    • Unusual weather circumstances: Note from administration
    • All other reasons must be reviewed by an administrator before a tardy is excused.

Examples of Unexcused Tardies

    • Overslept/late start
    • Car trouble
    • Missed the bus
    • Babysitting
    • Personal business

Tardy Enforcement (TE) will be EVERYDAY, EVERY PERIOD:

Students need to be in class and on time. It can be extremely disruptive when a student reports to class tardy. Students who are tardy to school will report directly to class. For each class a student is tardy to, there will be a 1-hour detention assigned. Detention must be served within 10 school days or it will convert to a suspension for insubordination. If a student accrues more than 5 tardies without serving a detention, the student will receive a 1-day suspension for insubordination. Students who are tardy for more than half a class period will be considered absent.

Tardy Enforcement will start on Monday, August 19. Detention hours will be assigned through student Gmail and parents will be cc'd on the detention notice.

Detention can be served in the Chorus Room, 2:15-3:15p (M, T, R, F) or 1:15-2:15p (W).