Linear Functions, Systems & Relations


Welcome to Unit 0: LINEAR FUNCTIONS , SYSTEMS & RELATIONS . This Unit will be completed as a blended unit of online and offline content , as a part of the Algebra II & Trig Course with Ms. Carter. Please watch the video below to understand the design of this unit and how you will be required to engage with this site.

The Physical Classroom

The physical classroom will be a heavily collaborative environment in which students and teachers communicate their understandings face to face. Activities, Labs and classwork will be completed based on the previous nights home-learning.

The Unit Website

Lesson content will be found here. Students will be able to interact with the multi-modal elements for lesson. Completion tickets for each lesson will be assigned. Other assignments will be mentioned and linked to the google classroom.

The Google Classroom

  • The essential question discussion board will be asked via google classroom. Students will be required to answer and interact with others responses. After the closing of the question, the teacher will respond for feedback.
  • The google classroom will also be used for announcements and reminders. Majority of the paperless assignments and keys for self-check assignments will also be released here.

Unit 0 Goals

If you have any questions, please post them in the question "Unit 0 Hybrid Content Questions " prompt of our google classroom

Communication Policy