How to Prepare for Science Fair

Science Fair Process

Science Project -

Choosing a Title

Science Project - Hypothesis, Materials, &

Hypothesis, Materials, & Procedure

Science Project - Data &


Organizing Data:Data

Organizing Data - Types of Graphs

Science Project - Data

Data Analysis

Science Project - Conlusion &

Conclusion & Discussion

Display Board

Requirements for the Project Board Dimensions

The board cannot exceed the following:

DEPTH (front to back): 30 inches or 76 centimeters

WIDTH (side to side): 48 inches or 122 centimeters

HEIGHT (floor to top): 108 inches or 274 centimeters

Sample Experiment Project Layout

Sample Engineering Project Layout

The most common items NOT allowed at or on the project board

​Water, chemicals, other fluids, rocks, sand, food, organic* specimens, hazardous material or other items, awards, medals, promotional material or endorsements, glass or glass objects*, living organisms, (including plants) , personal information of subjects, (including researchers), preserved plants or animals, brand names or pictures of brands

There are some exceptions to these items. See the full list at


Is there a common rubric used for judging at District/State Science Fair?

Click on the link to go to view the rubric


Abstract Description

The abstract should be a brief (<250 words), yet comprehensive overview of the research project. It should seek to highlight the research question(s), experimental procedures, data, and conclusions in a way that is concise and easy to understand. See a more detailed description from ISEF here

Abstracts are to be done AFTER experimentation and are only required for students moving on to the Windward District Science Fair.

District Entries

Number of Project Submissions per School

Elementary Schools: 6 max

Intermediate Schools: 10 max

High Schools: 15 max

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