Professional Development for Educators

Upcoming PD Opportunities

Guided Math, Small Group Instruction, & Assessment

Oct. 25, 2018 at 8:30 am - 3:00 pm in WDO CR-1

PDE3 Course #MA183831 Section #292568

Nov. 5 & 30, 2018 at 8:30 - 3:00 pm in WDO CR-1

PDE3 Course #SC183841 Section #292618

Dec. 14, 2018 & Jan. 18, 2019 at 8:30 - 3:00 pm in WDO CR-1

PDE3 Course #SC183841 Section #292619

PD Credit Opportunities

ʻĀina in Schools Educator Trainings: Garden-Based Learning & Compost (3 PD Credits)

PDE3 Course #MULT183795 Sections #292426 and 293156

Dates and Locations can be found on PDE3.

ʻĀina in Schools Educator Trainings: Nutrition Education (3 PD Credits)

PDE3 Course #MULT183796 Sections#292427 and 293157

Dates and Locations can be found on PDE3

Highlights from Previous

PD Opportunities

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Introduction to 3D Printing and Carving

3D Priting & Carving

The Windward Academy for CTE provided a hands-on introductory training for K-12 Windward District educators interested in 3D printing and carving. Teacher learned how to use web-based applications to design and create various classroom projects.

Engineering with Makerspace PD

Makerspace -

The Windward Academy for CTE provided a hands-on training for K-12 educators interested in integration with makerspace. The workshop aligned makerspace activities to the NGSS and Common Core Math standards using the engineering design process. Schools were also given basic materials to begin or enhance their own makerspace.

"Don't you wish all PD workshops came with hands-on learning, ideas to align with your curriculum and goodies to take back to your school?"

- Aimee Clanin, Blanche Pope Elementary School

Static Hydroponics PD - Kahuku Farms

The Windward Academy for CTE partnered with Kahuku Farms and offered a full-day professional development opportunity for Windward District teachers. Teacher participants learned how to integrate math and science with static hydroponic systems.

Energy Day - Kahuku Farms

The Windward Academy for CTE partnered with the Hawai‘i Environmental Education Alliance (HEEA) to host an energy PD day with 50 K-12 teacher participants from 19 Windward District schools.

"The team provided us with countless activities and stations to bring back energy to the classroom and implement effective instruction for science and STEM. I especially appreciate the robotic kits donated for our school to engage our students in inquiry. It was amazing to have access and VIP treatment at the Windmill Farm. I sure left that day smarter than ever and motivated to teach SCIENCE!"

- Lily Utai, Blanche Pope Elementary School

Aina in Schools Garden-Based and Nutrition PD Credit Courses

The Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation and the Windward Academy for CTE offered 6 PD credit courses for K-12 teachers. The courses focused on the ‘Āina in Schools Garden-Based Learning and Compost and the ‘Āina in Schools Nutrition curriculum created by Kōkua Hawai‘i Foundation.

"This has been an excellent, extremely well thought out, and organized class that was immediately relevant and 'teachable.' It was eye-opening to be exposed to the things going on in other schools and across our community in the area of sustainability."

- Elizabeth Schowalter, ‘Āhuimanu Elementary School

Environmental Academy Teacher Days

The Windward Academy for CTE partnered with the HEEA to host PD days at Kawainui Marsh and DuPont Pioneer. Teachers participated in hands-on activities with community partners then, went through the field trip curriculum at each site.

"This was one of the most beneficial and productive PDs that I have attended. Mahalo nui!!!

- Kimberly Tangaro, Kailua Intermediate School

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