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Wordly Wise Vocabulary 

Want to study your vocab?


Study Options for Vocabulary Tests

Commit to doing at least two

of these at home before a FRI test.

-Complete the vocab packet!

-Post your 15 words and their usage in a sentence in a place where you’ll see them often

(Refrigerator, bathroom mirror, on top of your Ipad).

-Write each word out 5x, using red to write the letters that you get mixed up.

-Make flash cards, writing the word on the front and definition on the back

-Use Google Image search to find a picture of what your word looks like.

Draw or print the picture, then write the word on top of the picture.

-Have a game show with your friend!

Write each word out/ write definition for each word (like an answer key for the host)

Assign each word a point value

assign each correct definition a point value

Take turns switching back and forth between contestant and host, who can get the most points in one game?

Mrs. Roy's 2017/ 18 homeroom and Santa Baby.