Mike Bycraft's Classrooms

Head of Design and Innovation

Engineering, Design, Fabrication, CAD, and Robotics educator

Thank you for coming by. My name is Mike Bycraft.

I am an international educator who specializes in design, robotics, engineering, and makerspaces. I am the head of design and innovation (6-12) at an International School in Korea. I've been teaching abroad since 2015.

Prior to moving internationally, I taught AP and IB sciences in the United States, in Clark County School District from 2006.

I have launched design programs, makerspaces, and created robotics programs at multiple levels using various platforms.

My goal is to continue to build and improve programs that are student directed, trans-disciplinary, and foster creativity and collaboration.

I am interested in student directed classes, design thinking in the classroom, tinkering, creating student first makerspaces, microcomputers, laser cutting, and using robotics in the classroom.

My Learning2 Talk:

Weirdness is a Lot of Things

Science field work in China as a teacher researcher, 2013

PIRE Research

Sitting on my throne in the makerspace, 2018

My students were challenged to create a cardboard chair with no tape, glue or adhesives.

Our HS STEM Suite, built 2017

This space houses our design, digital fabrication, robotics, AP Comp sci, graphic design and yearbook classes.

Our MS Makerspace, built in 2016

This is the physical fabrication area and MS makerspace. Students from multiple grades use the room and tools. I also teacher my maker classes from this room.

My Teaching Philosophy:

The design process is the learning outcome.

Each thing we build must be functional, purposeful, and educational.

Almost everything should come from the students.

Build more cool stuff.

A student testing their balsa wood bridge, 2016

My physics students built a 3 meter trebuchet, 2013

My students and I launched a GoPro, a gator, and a GPS into the stratosphere (120,000 ft), 2015

Teaching physics while laying on a bed of nails, 2014