Rustic Pathways, Korea International School's partner for international programs, is a pioneer in providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in some of the world’s most welcoming countries. Rustic Pathways demands professionalism and integrity across all of its operations, insists on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places the safety of its students above all other considerations.

Program Offerings | Spring Break 2020


"The locals you meet in Cambodia, the children that accept you into their culture, and the food and drink that the Rustic guides provide you with are nothing short of exceptional. Your background, questionable personality, or anything else that might affect how people treat you in daily life somehow become irrelevant the moment you arrive at your destination. Although these trips are only a single week, they give an open chance for students to recoil from social stress and get to know people that are actually willing to befriend you from day one."

-Michelle Lee

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Cambodia - Children's Project

(Grades 9-12)


"Keeping my spirit, continuing to work hard, and being optimistic despite some negative comments I heard (at first) from my peers while doing the service work was a challenge. Although it was challenging, I continued to be optimistic and work hard. Therefore, one thing that I learned on this trip was that what you feel—what "aura" you exude—definitely affects other people. Because I kept on being optimistic and cheerful until the end, my peers gradually loosened up until we all came to value the service work and learning as a priceless time of memories and bonding."

- Lauren Cho

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Thailand - Ricefields Service Base

(Grade 8)


"The biggest thing that I learnt during this experience was to be happy with what I've got. Meeting those wonderful and amazing Tanzanian kids has made me realize how we take everything for granted. These kids didn't have the most luxurious lives and yet, all they had to offer was love and acceptance. We learned to make friendships based on love and acceptance instead of money or status."

-Disha Chandrakant Kamthi

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Tanzania - Village Service and Safari

(Grades 9-12)


"I think that one of the biggest challenges was speaking with locals. But I strongly believe that no matter what language another person speaks, a language barrier should not make you give up and not want to talk. As I learned I used my hands and simple short words to communicate with the children and adults. On the first day, I had already made a new friend by using my hands and trying to show how I felt. This was truly one of the best experiences of my life that I will certainly never forget."

- Ahmad Khattab

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Vietnam - Northern Vietnam Service Adventure

(Grades 6 & 7)


"One thing I learned from the time in Fiji was how you really take things for granted, as everyone in Fiji, no matter their circumstance, was always smiling and trying to make the best out of it and there was always alternative solutions. I also learned how good it felt to just sit down and do the right thing for a set time, like service work."

- Aria Jacobsen

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Fiji - Marine Conservation Service Excursion

(Grades 6 & 7)


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(Grades 9 - 12)


Middle School:

High School:

*Please visit individual trip websites hyperlinked above to enroll and for all detailed information pertaining to each trip. The password for each website is: kis Please read the enrollment information provided below*

Enrollment Information

1. Visit your selected trip's website through the above listed links. Click "enroll now" to reserve a spot by September, 30 2019. A non-refundable US$200 deposit will be due upon enrollment – you will be prompted to make a card payment online in order to complete the enrollment process. There are a limited number of spaces available - enroll at your earliest convenience to ensure you get a spot! Please enter student's information exactly as it appears on their passport.

2. Remaining payments will be invoiced via email and will be due in multiple installments throughout the months leading up to the program. You can expect approximately 50% will be due by December 15th, 2019 and remaining balance due by January 15, 2020. If you are contacted to make a payment twice, and you miss that payment deadline, your trip will be cancelled without refund of the deposit.

3. Complete your Medical Information / Participant Enrollment Agreement (PEA) e-form by January 15, 2020. This is an electronic form that will be emailed directly to each participant and their parent/guardian about 3 months prior to travel. The student must complete their portion of the form via their unique email link, and the guardian must complete their portion of the form via their unique email link. For this reason, please provide accurate email addresses for parents and guardians upon enrollment.

4. Confirm that your passport is up to date. Passports must be valid for 6 months after your return date. Also, a visa may be necessary for your trip: see the "resources" tab of your trip site (linked above) for more country-specific information.

5. Visit your physician or a travel medicine clinic to discuss vaccinations or medications for your trip. You should schedule this visit for 1-2 months before your trip begins. For information on the recommended vaccinations and medications, please see the “RESOURCES” tab on your trip site (linked above) and/or consult HX Global, as well as directly consulting your physician.

6. Enjoy your trip!

Safety and Risk Management

Rustic Pathways comprehensive training programs, year-round presence in countries, rigorous safety standards, and continued commitment to evaluating risks ensure we remain at the forefront of risk management in the industry. For more information on our four-tiered approach to safety and risk management, click here.

As a leader in our industry, Rustic Pathways takes the health and wellbeing of our students extremely seriously. For this reason, we are pleased to inform you that we have partnered with HX Global. HX Global is a division of Healix International, one of the world’s leading providers of medical and travel assistance services. We have also partnered with ACE American Insurance Company (“ACE”) for the financial underwriting of certain evacuation expenses. All participants traveling with Rustic Pathways will have access to HX Global services and ACE benefits through Rustic Pathways’ membership. For information about HX Global services and how to access these resources, see letter to travelers here.

Student Learning

At Rustic Pathways, we believe travel provides a unique environment for learning. Our programs are designed to encourage critical thinking; learning moments and opportunities for growth are intentionally built into our programs. Leaders facilitate meaningful discussion and reflection, supporting student learning and amplifying the impact of our travel experiences. For more information on our approach to student learning and student learning impact data, click here.

For additional information about traveling with Rustic Pathways (including cancellation policy), please visit our FAQ page.