KMS Remote Learning

The first point of call for online learning should be Teams. Check in the calendar to see if a live lesson has been set as per your normal timetable.

  1. Have your school timetable in front of you

  2. Click on the lesson that you should be in

  3. Click on the relevant date

  4. Click on the relevant year group and then the lesson of that week

  5. Complete the work for that lesson

  6. Keep work for submission on your return to school or email it to your subject teacher

At the end of your isolation period, you should complete this form to show what you have done before returning to school - CLICK HERE

Help videos:

How to access your Office 365 account

How to open files from Home Learning site using Office 365

Joining a Live lesson on Teams

How to access Assignments (work) in Teams

Please note : Work will be posted on a Wednesday for Music. Thank you.